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Saturday, March 15, 2014


assalamualaikum wbt.

Now is a very excruciating time for us, Malaysian. The missing of plane MH370 is a shocking news which no one ever expected. Well, at least no one ever expect it to happen in our country. 

Up till this day, it has been eight days and yet the plane remained its missing status. I really cannot imagine what are the feelings of the families affected. Eight days with no news at all about their loved ones whereabouts. Oh, it's terrifying. 

Regardless, I know that our government is doing their very best to locate the plane as soon as possible. Please, Malaysian. Put some sense in you and be considerate before coming up with speculations and theories. The authorities are doing their job. Have a little respect, please.

Keep praying for them. Keep hoping that they're safe. Wherever they are. May everything will end soon. Help us, dear Lord. Help us in locating them. 

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