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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cerita love. Cerita hati.

assalamualaikum wbt.

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

Syg, to love, you cannot be afraid. If you are afraid, then it will not happen. In love, you have to take the risks. Yeah, I know taking the risk is a lotttt to take. But, wouldn't it be sweet if it works? If it doesn't work, then there will be something more waiting for you ahead. ALLAH SWT sayang pada hamba-hambaNYA. Teramat sayang. Kita, manusia ni je yang kadang-kadang lupa akan hakikat tu. Apa yang diberi, dikurniakanNYA itu ada hikmahnya. Walau pahit mana pun ia, tetap akan ada kemanisan di sebaliknya.

Perfect love. Does it exist? As for me, no, it doesn't. Why? Because people are not perfect. Love. When there is love, there will be a relationship. Be it husband-wife, friends, family, etc people who are in the relationship will never be perfect hence there is no perfect love. But, there is true love. Where the people in it complement each other. The presence of one person complete the other. We cannot find perfect people. But, we can find people who make us perfect with his/her presence. And it will be a true love. Ingat senang nak terima orang lain sekali dengan pakej baik buruk dia? Susah tahu? Tapi kalo kau boleh terima, kau cukup power untuk dapat true love itu.

Accept the other the way he/she is. In the end you will find out that he/she makes you complete with his/her strength. And you yourselves make his/her weakness becomes nothing with your own strength.

And, we, women, need to be wooed. It doesn't have to be big, complicated things. Simple good nights and good mornings, if done with heart, is more than enough to touch our hearts. :)

*topik yang merupakan sumber inspirasi dari isi chat dengan one of my best-est friend.

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