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Friday, April 22, 2011

Farewell dear friend.


Hey friend. We've been friends for nearly 7 years. What a long time, right? Yep, dulu serious tak suka kau. Dulu la. Time Form 1. Tak tau la kenapa. But in the end, you end up being one of my best-est friend.

You know what, you are the best friend ever. You help us in our hardest. You've been a good listener to our problems. Everything is good as long as we are with you.

Having you as a friend is the best thing ever happened to me. I know we rarely communicate. But I always looking out for you from far. Oh tolong. Aku bukan stalker oke. It's just my way of looking out for my friends.

I am glad that you're doing thing that you love. Perhaps not what you want but as long as you love it everything seems to be alright.

Gee, this is hard.

Farewell dear friend. A friend that I cherish the most.

Oh, yes.

Please do back in one piece.

*So many to say but I find my fingers getting numb and my brain can't decode what my heart says.

*Eh, mak budak mana plak nih? :P*

**Biggest gratitude to Cik Aina for the pictures (have fun with you! :D) and of course, En Syafiq's family.

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