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Sunday, March 13, 2011



Congratulations of completing 2 years of studies here. Another 2 years in Japan.


take care of your health,

take care of yourself.

And please,

do keep in touch.

Never know that I will be hundreds, thousands miles away from my best friend. I can take it if you are still in the country. But to be in different country? No, I never imagine it. Nor I dare imagining it. Thought it will be long time before you flee but ends up times were looking us with their green eyes. The date is 20th March and today dated 13th March.

Nonetheless, hope you'll be happy there. And of course, find your mate there perhaps? :P

*omedetoo mate!*

*pid, umi mu mmg baek lah. same goes to your father. :)*

*post emo. haha :D
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