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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

apsal banyak lagu?


hari ni gelabah bile dpt taw ade org bace blog ni.padahal it's not a big deal pun kan.tapi rase cam plik plak bile die gtaw.huu.

komen die:

"apsal banyak lagu?"

hm.entahla.i like listening to music.i write about songs that i adore.and sometimes the song i heard is the song that pictures my feelings at that time.

actually, i find it's hard to express my feelings directly.and i also find that i can cover it so well*haha* as not many people can sense that i was angry or sad whenever i feel those myself find it hard to make it appears clearly on my face as i don't really like been asked lots and lots of questions during my hard times.

as such, i choose to make songs to appear as a medium for me to express my feelings in this blog.when i'm happy, i'll post happy song.when i'm sad, i'll post sad, melancholic songs.and when i'm rebelling, i'll post rock or not-really-hard-metal song.and when i'm feeling loved, then i'll post something that is lovey-dovey. :P

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